RVAS is committed to instructing and empowering today’s youth with confidence, commitment and integrity, so they can live a productive and successful tomorrow. Our goal is to teach young athletes respect for themselves, their peers and their community by instilling a code of ethics built on honesty, responsibility, discipline and team work.


All-Star FUNdamentals

All-Star FUNdamentals is a great opportunity to introduce your child to the sport of cheer. Athletes in FUNdamentals will learn the basics of arm motions, tumbling, and stunting. All-Star FUNdamentals requires less commitment than our Elite and Prep programs with 12 week sessions, progressing throughout the year in a set curriculum, the perfect way to try cheer. Our All-Star FUNdamentals program will not compete at any competitions but will have the opportunity to perform in our Showcase!

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All-Star Prep

All-Star Prep is an introduction to cheer and is intended to show athletes a glimpse into the All-Star Cheer with limited commitment and exposure. Our prep teams offer limited weekly practices, lower financial commitment, and a uniform that differs from our All-Star program. Our prep teams will attend 1-2 competitions, no more than 1 hour away. Prep cheer will perform a routine with stunting, tumbling, and jumps. If you’re considering giving All-Star cheer a try, this is your perfect introduction to the sport!


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All-Star Elite

All-Star Elite cheerleading is where our athletes will perform a 2 1/2-minute routine with stunting, tumbling, and jumping. These teams are competitive and require the most commitment out of all our programs.  Practices are twice a week and teams attend 6-8 local and national competitions! Competing as a cheerleader is really challenging, athletic and so much FUN! If you want to become a competitive cheerleader, contact us today!


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Tumbling Classes

Our tumbling program at River Valley All Stars is a program geared towards building a strong foundation in our athletes. Our tumbling classes teach movements anywhere from a somersault, to back handsprings, to other advanced skills—everything you need for gymnastics, cheer or martial arts! Beginning, intermediate and advanced students learn to perform the skills both correctly and safely, in a progressive as well as challenging environment. Each tumbling class is designed to teach proper body positioning and alignment through progressive drills and strength conditioning. This approach ensures proper skill development so that the athlete may advance through each level.


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