Develop Strong, Close Friendships


Let us help you to surround your children with the friendships and role-models they need. They will have the opportunity to create memories that will last a LIFETIME. Friendships that are MORE like FAMILY. They participate in Team Bonding events and activities, holiday parties and pen pals. They experience challenges together. They experience WINS together. EVERYTHING necessary to build friendships. To build CONNECTIONS… To feel like they BELONG to something.






Cheerleading is a FUN and EFFECTIVE WORKOUT!  Your child will get into the best shape of their life (learning stunting, dancing AND tumbling) while having FUN!  To make sure it works for you, you’ll even have the benefit of a built-in goal setting and motivational system. You can’t lose…and neither can your children!


Goal Setting

 Most people don’t realize that one of the many benefits of cheer and tumbling training is the skill set of success that all students are taught here at River Valley All Stars.  From day 1 at our gym, students are taught how to set a goal that is worthwhile and achievable.  Then, our coaches work with them until they achieve that very goal.  After our athletes achieve their first goal, we help them set another slightly larger goal and this goes on and on until Goal Setting and Goal Getting becomes an every-day habit. 


No Electronics

We all know that our children spend ENTIRELY TOO MUCH TIME in front of the television, the X-Box and the computer.  Did you know that kids that are involved in organized athletic / character development programs like the one we teach here at River Valley All Stars are much more likely to develop the social skills necessary to succeed later in life?

 No amount of video game playing and television watching are going to help your child like we can.  Plain and simple!

 River Valley All Stars is both a physical, as well as social activity.  Our students learn how to relate to their peers as well as younger students and adults.  What a great opportunity to learn the tools of relationship building in a safe and healthy environment.  Our well qualified and expertly trained instructors become towering role models for our students and the atmosphere created is one of friendship and respect!


Family Values

Did you know that the curriculum, as we teach here at River Valley All Stars covers SO MUCH MORE THAN JUST PHYSICAL SKILLS?  Our gym focuses on physical development, as well as social and emotional development.  Our students learn VITAL LIFE SKILLS like how to build and gain TRUST, how to work as a TEAM and how to COMMIT to something even at times when it’s difficult and challenging.

 We Train CHAMPIONS and that means that every day in every way, we go out of our way to help BUILD our students into CHAMPIONS from the Inside Out! It’s not about the trophies, it’s about winning in life! 



Build Confidence

Here at River Valley All Stars we are professional educators.  We go out of our way to ensure that each one of our athletes learns how to successfully set and achieve their goals.  We teach them skills that at first are challenging, and then become second-nature to them. We guide, inspire and motivate them to reach their fullest potential.  This develops a strong belief in themselves and ultimately, a confidence that cannot be easily shaken.  This happens relatively quickly in our program and since you’re having so much fun while you do it, you barely notice how much you’ve achieved and how hard you had to work.  It’s quite amazing.



No Bench Time 

One of the biggest reasons many people don’t get great benefits from team sports activities is the reality that to have a full team, SOMEBODY’S GOTTA SIT ON THE BENCH!

Here at River Valley All Stars, nobody ever sits on the bench!  It’s a TEAM sports that EVERYONE participates. There’s no second string. Athletes are fully engaged, totally motivated, and moving quickly towards their goals TOGETHER.