Our tumbling program at River Valley All Stars is a program geared towards building a strong foundation in our athletes. Our tumbling classes teach movements anywhere from a somersault, to back handsprings, to other advanced skills—everything you need for gymnastics, cheer or martial arts! Beginning, intermediate and advanced students learn to perform the skills both correctly and safely, in a progressive as well as challenging environment. Each tumbling class is designed to teach proper body positioning and alignment through progressive drills and strength conditioning. This approach ensures proper skill development so that the athlete may advance through each level.


Coach Becca was a competitive gymnast through high school and a collegiate diver at Utica College. She also has over 10 years of coaching experience!

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Private Lessons

RVAS offers Individual & Semi-Private Lessons for athletes wishing to have private instruction in Tumbling. Private lessons can be formatted to focus on specific skills that each athlete is wishing to perfect or master!


Privates are great for:

  • Athletes who are close to mastering a skill and want some extra practice
  • Athletes who learn best when in an individualized or small group setting
  • Athletes who are wanting extra gym time to take their skills to the next level
  • Athletes who are getting ready for high school, college or all-star team tryouts


Fees are:

  • $30 per ½ hour for Non RVAS Members – $20 for RVAS Members

To setup a private lesson please send an email to rivervalleyallstars@gmail.com  and specify what you are looking for in your private lesson, the age of the athlete, any skills that they are wanting to focus on as well as your availability for lessons.